Friday, October 28, 2005

News & Fun things

We have been approached by a teacher from the British Council in Rome. You can read his message in the comments of the Showcase post. He is wondering if we would like to do some activities with his students. I think it is a great idea and it's part of what we have been talking about: the internet connects us to the rest of the world.
What about inviting them to our forum?These are some other ideas: PledgeBankImages and languageMeanwhile have a look at their blog on the side bar : Rome EFL Blog. Also this is a profile of Michael, The teacher, by one of his students: Michael by Serena. Feel free to write comments to them.
  • I've changed the link to the forum to another space in the sidebar shared by a new project: Our Podcast. Have a look here for a definition of pocasting: Wikipedia podcasting entry.
    In a few words it means that I am learning how to do recordings to post in our blog. You can subscribe to them and the idea would be for you to do podcasts yourselves. You will find some examples of podcasts below listening (right sidebar) and also if you visit this ESL podcast site: podfeed.
  • Go to Time4English and listen to the news item on the front page.
  • Write a letter to the editor about the use of security cameras in your local shopping centre in your blog.
  • Have a look at our group map, Kogarah TAFE ESOL. You can upload a photo of yourself.Check out our Frappr!
  • We are also waiting for the dates of William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vince, Martin Luther King, Agathe Christie, etc from Marcelino.
  • Your letters to the editor were very good. You got the idea of how to structure them and use supporting evidence or explanation to your arguments. Some of you did very well in linking all of the above in your conclusion. You should publish them in your blogs. Someone might use them as an example.
  • How many modal verbs can you find in all the text above? You ought to know them all by now. Just kidding!

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