Thursday, September 22, 2005

  1. Last Monday you watched the movie Rabbit Proof Fence with Marion. Yesterday we wacthed My Big Fat Greek Wedding. You were asked to write a review about it. There are many examples in Time4English. Go there and do the listening exercise on My Big Fat Greek Wedding and then the movie review Mona Lisa Smile. You can also read other reviews.
  2. Also in Time4English, listen to THIS WEEK'S ODD SPOT and THIS WEEK'S STORY. When you finish reading Crocodiles Save People, print it or save it in your floppy and change the passive sentences into active sentences and the active sentences into passive. You can write it in your blog.
  3. Last Friday I went to the ICVVET conference, as you well know. I met an ESOL student from Randwick TAFE , Alex from Russia, who has created a Website for his classmates. Check it out: sydney Club. You can contact the students, as they have published their email addresses.
  4. Have a look at this new link (on the right side bar) ABC English Bites. Go to Learning English and you will find many units of work with video adn audio files and quizzes and activities. Some are for beginners (Living Englisdh), some for advanced learners (Study English, IELTS preparation).
  5. I have sent a link with your blog addressses to where there are other ESL students with blogs. It is a project started by Dekita. They want to encourage ESL/EFL students to communicate with each other across the world throught the Net. During the holidays, you can start exploring other students' blogs, write to them in their comments and invite them to look at your blogs. Next term we may try to work with one of those classes.

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