Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Last weekend was beautifully sunny; perfect for a day out at sea...It looks as if we may be going back to winter this weekend, though. It's been snowing in the Blue Mountains, parts of Victoria (even in coastal towns where it hadn't snowed for 50 years at least!) and many areas of NSW.

  1. Go to the forum and take part in this week's discussion: My son is 26 and still at home!
  2. We shouldn't complain, though. Read THIS WEEK'S STORY in Time4English. It relates to natural phenomena (discussed previously) and to your classmate Nenti's work with the Tsunami Appeal.
  3. Go to Lower Intermediate: 7 It just happened! and do all the exercises (7A-7E)
  4. Write any work that you couldn't finish last week on your blog.
  5. Go to our Online Module: CESOL II-Approaches to Learning. Today we are going to practise chatting online with all the members of our group.

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