Sunday, June 26, 2005

Webservices & Programs used in Our Class 2005

Brief description of websites and software programs used to create this blog, Our Class 2005:
  1. yahoo/hotmail to get an email, which you need to have before joining blogger.
  2. Blogger for your blog
  3. Geocities for simple webpages to link to from blogger. For example the ASC website (in construction)
  4. Quick Topic for our forum
  5. flickr for photos. For example the photos on this post: Library Week
  6. Picasa (Hello) for photos too, but it allows you to group them in collages, etc. See these: Booking a Holiday House, Today's Work
  7. Bubbleshare & Frappr for slide shows.
  8. Paint for collages, header banners etc. Like: Photoguess,
  9. Word for doc to paste or upload onto geocities . For example: Oz Quiz,

Study Skills worksheet

10. Photoshop for competitions: Spot the Difference

11. A bit of HTML to add links to the template (right side bar) and title banners, like the one below


12.For podcasts see How to record your voice for Podcasts
13. For tutorials: CaptureCAM-PRO. Example: How to use Paint & Word to create your Blog Portfolio page/s
14. How to upload text (worksheets), audio (podcasts) and video (photostories) onto a server to be able to link from your blog.

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