Friday, May 27, 2005


You worked quite hard on your Aboriginal Reports. The Family group has already given theirs to me, so you can read it here: Aboriginal Family and Social Justice written by Jie, Rita, Silvia and Sue. The culture group has also handed in their report: Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

The forum on Women's Health & Kylie Minogue was not well attended, maybe it was too hard or you had too much other work to do. But remember: it's very important to be critical when reading anything. You have to ask yourself: Why are they saying this? Who are they? Why have they chosen these pictures? Do they want to sell me anything? Do they want my vote?


Thanks a lot for taking part in Library Week and for helping with the tea and coffee. You all did a terrific job, and Shery was there till the last person left!

Laura, one of the librarians, sent a thank you note:

I would like to thank your wonderful students and yourself for your contribution to the Library Week morning tea.

Kind Regards
If you want to read the questions of 'What's in the box?" Eva has posted them in her blog. It'll be interesting to see if anyone (from around the world) guesses it. Congratulations to you too, Eva, for winning the cinema tickets!

Congratulations to other three winners: Shery, Sue and Jian. They got very good prizes. Sue and Jian guessed what was in the box and got $40 vouchers for a couple of department stores. Shery guessed the amount of sweets in the box (102) and got them all as a prize!

Our class blog was exhibited in one of the library computers. We hope it inspired some students to join the blog community.

And a warm WELCOME to Suzy, your new classmate!
Suzy, you can try to create your blog by yourself. There is a fantastic Tutorial ( Tutorial) that will help you. Click on it and follow the instructions. There is a permanent link to it below the Blogger button (on the right sidebar, at the very end)


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