Thursday, June 23, 2005

Today's Work

Today is the last day of Semester 1. We are going to work on the Art Gallery project. We had a good time there, didn't we? Some of us had a very good look at ALL the portraits in the Archibald exhibition...while others had a very long coffee, lunch or spree!

Take time to participate in our last forum this semester. It's a course evaluation, really. How have you found the course? What activites did you like best? Which ones didn't you like? Why? Any suggestions for next semester? Be honest, we will appreciate it and it will be benefitial for everyone continuing next semester.

I've posted some work for the holidays (see below) and I will post more next week. SO KEEP WATCHING!


This is a photo of us going towards the gallery through The Domain. Thanks Ivy for emailing it to me. My battery was flat on the day, so no photos from me.

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