Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Today's Work

  1. Last week we won lots of prizes in our class!Read about it here.
  2. This week we've started talking about famous people (famous Aboriginal people, like Cathy Freeman). Read this article about MelGibson. Print it and answer the questions.
  3. Look at this websites for further informatin on Mel Gibson: Here are a few fan listings for Mel Gibson:MelGibson, Internet Movie Database, The Unauthorized Mel Gibson Web Site, The Movie Times Did you find anything interesting about him? Write it on your blog.
  4. Go to Time4English and do bit of news in THIS WEEK'S ODD SPOT (listening)
  5. Also on the home page click on Alcohol Shrinks the Brain and listen to it.
    What happpened on this day, 2nd June, in 1989 in China?
  6. Go to the writing on A Famous Person (5B Intermediate), read it and do it for homework.
  7. Forum: Children in Detention. Read the letter to the editor and you can also read other articles on this topic (smh or google search). Try to read for and against articles and then write your opininon in the forum.


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