Monday, April 04, 2005

Booking a Holiday House

We are practising how to book a holiday house in English. One of the ways to find one is on the internet. My husband and I have been doing it online for a while now and we've always found very nice places. Last year we went to a cute beach house in Currarong, called Sirena (mermaid in Italian or Spanish).

Have a look at their website
South Coast Escapes.

This summer we went to a farm instead. We stayed in Granny's Cottage. Have a look at their houses:
Parma Farm

You can also find other accommodation using the internet. Go to a browser (Google, yahoo, altavista)... and write something like holiday houses. Click the Australia button. You'll get lots of websites with houses for renting.

Compare some of the houses to rent: style of house, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc ..... and chose one. Tell us in comments (or create a new post called Holiday Houses) and tell us why you've chosen that particular house.


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