Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Holiday Postcard and Letter Writing

Imagine you are on a holiday in a beautiful house you rented on the internet. Write a postcard to your family or a friend, telling them about your holiday. You can practise Holiday texts in Time4English elementary level, Modules 2,3 & 4. You can listen to one in Level 2-Beginner 6G: Time4English.

Writing a Holiday Postcard
  • Write 50-60 words.
  • Remember to tell your friend about the place, the food, the people, the weather or the things you are doing. (Choose 2 or 3 of theses themes only!)

Writing a Holiday Letter
Now write a letter to a friend or relative. Remember the following stages:

GREETINGDear mum and dad,
ADDRESS PERSON I hope everyone at home is well. Thanks a lot for your lovely present. I loved it!
WHERE/WHO/WHAT/HOW LONG We have taken a week holiday and are staying at a beautiful hotel in Byron Bay.
START RECOUNTWe travelled by car. Left Sydney on Sunday and got here ten hours later!
EVENT 1The first night we ate out. We were too tired to cook. On Monday we all went to the beach.
EVENT 2In the afternoon we walked around Byron. It’s quite small, so we got to know the place well quickly.
EVENT 3…………………………..
COMMENTIt’s great being on holiday! We should do it more often.
ADDRESSING PERSONI wish you and my brothers could come! Maybe next year when dad retires.
REASON FOR CLOSINGI have to go know. Peter and Mary want me to take them to the beach again.
CLOSINGGive my love to everyone,




  • Remember to use simple past for the RECOUNT (what you did).
  • Use chronological order
  • Use expressions of time and place


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