Thursday, March 24, 2005

Today's Work Programme

Today's Work

  • Go to our forum and write your thoughts about Our Class blog. Respond to your classmates' comments. (Remember to write their name and to sign with your name. For example: I agree with you, Jie. Writing personal details in our blogs is not a good idea. You never know who is reading them. Rosa)
  • Go to Time4English and do the following:

.............Lower Intermediate- UNIT 7D - RAIN BRINGS HOPE (Reading)

.............Intermediate-UNIT 2C-Hurricanes (Listening)

  • Go to the Weather post and answer the last question about the long weekend weather. I've got a picnic planned for Sunday. Can I go ahead and invite my friends or should I cancel it?
  • Start writing your story inspired by the pictures of hail (Sydney, 2004). Do it in your blog. I'll check it and send you a copy with highlighted errors for you to correct.
  • If you have time, explore all the weather links, otherwise do it at home.
  • Last weekend Marion had a party at her house to celebrate St Patrick's Day. (She's Irish, isn't she?. If you want to find out more about that celebration and its history, go to The English Blog . There is information about it and also a link to an interesting Webquest.


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