Saturday, March 12, 2005

Our Student Blogs

Congratulations to all the students who managed to get a blog! The rest of you, don't despair... we'll try again on Thursday. If you have time, you can come to the Adult Study Centre (D1.10) on Tuesday, 3 p.m. I'll be there till 5 p.m. and we have 8 computers with internet connection.

Please try to write comments in your classmates' blogs. It's very good for your English. You can give your opinion about each other blogs, you can exchange tips on how to post photos, you can talk about language, TAFE, etc.

I was very impressed with Ivy and Bingbing: beautiful photos!
I'm also very happy with your writing. It is very good considering I only corrected the winter stories. They still need a bit of fixing, so we are going to work on them next week. Marion will give you copies at TAFE on Monday.

Good work!


At 3:49 PM, Blogger Rosa said...

Some students have to change the settings in comments to allow us to post comments.
Wei, I was trying to give you some tips to improve your winter story. I'll do it here for now:

Very good story, Wei!

You should now edit it:
* leave a space after commas and full stops
* Create paragraphs by pressing enter
*Check for typos (typing mistakes)
*some words are together. Separate them


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