Thursday, February 17, 2005

Computer Health

On our first computer class we learnt about Ergonomics and good posture. Don't forget to stop and do the streching exercises recommended on the website linked to the title of this post.

At home you must also pay attention to your posture: elbow, wrist and leg position, distance from screen, time spent typing, etc.

Check how much you know about good posture in this
Computer Health Quiz

Remember to do your homework for next Thursday: sentences giving advice on good posture, etc.

And remember to prepare your descriptions to post next to your photos. It'd be good to have them ready for next Thursday too.


At 4:00 PM, Blogger Rosa said...

The author of Computer Health gave us permission to use her website. This is what she wrote:
Hi Rosa

It's nice to hear that the ozesl site is still being used. I haven't done anything to it for several years. I've been concentrating instead on my new site where I've focused on listening. Perhaps you'd be interested in a trial of it. I'm sure you'll find it useful with your Ss.

Best wishes


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