Thursday, February 10, 2005

Welcome to Our Class 2005

Our Hogben St classroom

Hello everybody.
Welcome to Our Class 2005! (can you decode this message?)
This year we are going to use it differently: you will be writing posts directly. I will invite you as contributors* and I will show you how to send photos and create links.
It's going to be an interesting year. I'm really looking forward to doing interesting things with you.

These are some of this year's students and three of the teachers:

Grace Sheriye

Jessica & Mirjiana

Chris & Rita

Cassie & Nentis

My name is Nentis. I am married. I live in Penshurst. I've lived there for 2 years.
My flat has two bedrooms, one lounge room, a kitchen, a laundry and a balcony. I haven't got a garage. Just a car park. There is no garden, as I live in a flat.

I go shopping every Saturday afternoon, after the mosque. I watch TV after everytyhing is finished, sometimes before going to school. I listen to the radio sometimes in the car and sometimes when I am ironing.

We go to a restaurant if we haven't got any activities in our leisure time, because sometimes on the weekends I'm more busy than on the weekdays. I do a lot of volunteer work for the Indonesian community (magazine editing, organising Tsunami Appeals, etc).

I cook every two days. I cook Indonesian dishes because I don't know how to cook from other countries. Every day we just eat Indonesian food.

Ivy & Athene

Jian & Rosa

Nada & Jenny

Natasha & Echo


Anu & Marion

*contributors: you add your own posts to our blog. To see examples of how some Japanese students of English do it click on their blog Feel the Season and read some of their posts.

Forum*: Holidays
Click on the forum topic (Holidays). Now click on post a new message to tell us about your holidays.

You may be asked to type a name and password. To get the user name and password you have to send me an email and I'll give the name and password to you.

*A forum is a place in our website where we can discuss topics in our own time.


At 5:35 PM, Blogger Rosa said...

Hi all,
Great job on Thursday! You wrote very interesting recounts of your Xmas holidays. Many of you found it strange to have a hot Xmas (Russian Natasha and Olga in particular). Some of you travelled to your countries of origin (Wei& Jian). Lucky Ivy went to China and then had a holiday down in Melbourne!
I was very sad hearing about the tragic death of Shery's cousin. On the other hand it was very funny to read Wei and Rita's stories. We had two weddings last Xmas: Nada & Eva both got married then.
Some of you miss family and friends (Chris and Echo) and Nentis spent a great part of her time helping organise 4 Tsunami appeals. Well done!


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