Friday, February 25, 2005


There are many websites where you can practise listening. Melinda Gleeson (who wrote Computer Health) has allowed us to check hers. The link is on this post title. You can also find it on the right sidebar of our blog (Time4English).
You will need a Username and Password. I will give them to you in class. Ask me on Monday!

Username: *******
password: ********

Once in her website, click on News, THIS WEEK'S NEWS STORY or THIS WEEK'S ODD SPOT (on the left).

Feel free to use it. Write in comments to let us know which exercise you found most useful or if they were too hard for you. Melinda will appreciate your comments.


At 8:38 PM, Blogger wei said...

Rosa is my teacher,she tell me
I can try this exercise,so I did.
This is a good exercise,think you .
I think level 6 listening is better for me ,the other levers are
easy.I will continue do this exercise,it is good for me to improve my english skills.


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