Sunday, March 27, 2005

Summary of Forum 3

Good Luck to

Everybody says
in the forum

that we will

Come back
with the

we'd love
to meet her/him.

Thanks everyone for participating in our 3rd forum. The topic was Our Class blog: how to use it, what we think of it, etc.

Rita's comment summarises everyone's:

" Rosa, good idea,we have our English blog. I like it very much, because it is a good way to study English and very helpful for us to improve our English. I'm very happy with my blog. My classmates can read what I write in my blog,and they can give me some advises.I can read what my classmates write in their blogs and I can get some new ideas and informations. That is good for me.I agree with Rosa that we must be careful of what we publish in our blog and be polite when we write comments on other people's blogs.RITA"

All students agree on using it.
Reasons why it is good:

  • good way of pratising our English
  • good way of communicating with classmates and teacher
  • helps us study English
  • we learn from each other
  • we can do it at home in our spare time
  • it helps us improve our computer knowledge
  • we have to think of grammar and vocabulary when we write
  • it's ok to make mistakes, we learn form them


  • students who don't have a computer at home
  • students whose computer is very slow
  • sometimes we forget usernames and passwords!
  • sometimes Rosa has a bad link and we can't find our blog!!


  • you can go to the local library, TAFE library or Adult Study Centre and use their computers
  • write down all our usernames and passwords in a notebook
  • tell Rosa if you can't find your blog (she'll have to fix it!)

Some Rules:

  • Always avoid plagiarism (do not copy someone's words and use them as if they were yours)
  • Always be polite when we write in someone's comments, chat rooms, fora, etc
  • Always sign your name when you address someone in their blog or in a chat
  • Never publish personal details. We don't know who could be watching

To learn more about NETIQUETTE (good internet manners) do this Netiquette Quiz


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