Monday, March 28, 2005

email from China

It's a baby BOYWe hopeyou are both in good health.

Wendy sent me an email yesterday. I think she would like you to read it:

Dear Rosa,
I had baby boy on 21nd Feb.I'm sorry ,it's too late to tell you the news,because I can't play computer in the first month,and I lost Marion's phone number,so I can't give you call to tell the news. At china, I cann't watching TV,wash body and go outside in the first month , because the old people said it's bad for my body. I have to sleep on the bed every day.It's too bad. I'm so happy this month is gone.How are you now, and how are the classmates? I so miss you,and I will go to join you as soon as possible.I hope to hear from you soon.Wendy

She talks about old traditions regarding mothers after delivering their babies. This is a very interesting topic for this week's forum: cultural traditions around new mothers and babies just after delivery. Think about your own experinces and we can start discussing this. What are these traditions? What is your opinion about them? Do you agree with them? Do you think that they are old fashioned and out-dated ideas? Do you think popular wisdom is correct in most cases? Or have people totally forgotten old ways?
Go to our forum and tell us what you think.


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