Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Welcome Back!

Hello everybody and welcome to our new students.

This semester we are going to be very busy with, not only our blogs but also our new online module: Approaches to Learning.

Today we are going to visit some new audioblogs and continue our work with Time4English and our forum.

  • Go to Time4English, click on Vacation English and do the reading and listening activities: TOPIC FOUR - Australian Culture: V4.3 Public Holidays
  • When you finish ask your teacher for a worksheet with a webquest on famous Australians.
  • Go to Time4English-Intermediate and do the listening: 5O A Misunderstanding
  • Go to Madrid Young Learners Podcasts (RH sidebar link) and after listening to The dog on the bus, write the answers in your blog.
  • Finally, go to the forum and write your opinion about this week's topic. Remember to read your classmates' contributions and respond to them.

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