Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This week you are going to really do your work online. I will be at a staff development workshop outside St George TAFE, so you will be on your own, using our blog and our online module from either home, the TAFE library or your local libray. I hope you can follow the instructions. Remember to read them carefully and work at your own pace. Any problems, please let me know (by email, blog comments or the module communication tools) and we will talk about it next week.

  1. Read all the notes (6 pages) on presentations from Time4English and, in your blog, write in point form the 10 most important things you have to remember when you do your presentation next week.
  2. Let's research information for your presentation topic. Search Google or another browser. We found two good sites: The World, The World Factbookwhere you will find information on most countries. Use the info you think is relevant and intersting . Write it in a Word document and save it in your floppy. Otherwise print it. But always rewrite everything in your own words. It's very hard to remember words that are not yours for an oral presentation. You should not memorize it, just use notes and visual aids (palm cards, OHTs, power point) to help you remember.
  3. Go to our online module Approaches to Learning in Janison. Read the announcement and do the work. (I've put a permanent link below Time4English)
  4. Have a look at Rosa's Homework where I put the photos from last Thursday's party (thank you again!) and my test photostories (Rania, it worked at TAFE today). We will try to make one for each of your blogs.

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