Sunday, September 11, 2005

Rosa's Homework

You told me to do my homework this weekend. Here it is.

Click on this link to view a small photo story: Our Class intro. This will be the first of many...

Here is another one:

8th September 2005

Thank you very much for a great surprise party!

I didn't realise Silvia and Jessica left the class together to start preparing. I didn't realise people were staying back for any reason other than continue working on your blogs.
I didn't find it strange to see Sherye appear to say hello, even though she's been away sick for a long time... Only when Sue sent me a birthday card and then I saw a flash from a digital camera going off at the end of the computer room, it dawned on me that something was going on. But nothing prepared me for the big surprise that awaited me downstairs. What a great feast! The food was delicious, the decoration was fantastic, the surprise visit from Marion and everyone's company was the best ever!

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