Thursday, August 25, 2005

1. Go to the forum and write your opinion about one of the topics you discussed in class: Parents should never hit children.

2. Go to Time4English Upper Intermediate / Advanced, 5L Presentations and do pages 3 & 4. Print them for further reference.

3. In Time4English Intermediate, listen to the story in 2G, One woman's Story.
4. Now do the grammar exercise 6H (Few/a few) and listen to 6G (Grammar Lady 4).

5. In Headway Intermediate, play the dolphin game. Have fun!

6. You can visit other students of English in the world. This is one of them in Spain, Lorena's Hello Kitty.
She writes about many intersting topics. All her classmates are writing blogs too. Read them and send them a message.

7. Now go to our online module, Approaches to Learning, read the announcements and start working. You should be able to email your work to me from there, as Jerry fixed it last week.

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