Thursday, August 25, 2005

1. Go to the forum and write your opinion about one of the topics you discussed in class: Parents should never hit children.

2. Go to Time4English Upper Intermediate / Advanced, 5L Presentations and do pages 3 & 4. Print them for further reference.

3. In Time4English Intermediate, listen to the story in 2G, One woman's Story.
4. Now do the grammar exercise 6H (Few/a few) and listen to 6G (Grammar Lady 4).

5. In Headway Intermediate, play the dolphin game. Have fun!

6. You can visit other students of English in the world. This is one of them in Spain, Lorena's Hello Kitty.
She writes about many intersting topics. All her classmates are writing blogs too. Read them and send them a message.

7. Now go to our online module, Approaches to Learning, read the announcements and start working. You should be able to email your work to me from there, as Jerry fixed it last week.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

  1. Go to Time4English and listen to This Week's Odd Spot. How can you say very upset and destroyed?
  2. Also in Time4English, listen to THIS WEEK'S STORY: Anti-Smoking Injection and answer the questions.
  3. Finally in Time4English Upper Intermediate / Advanced, go to 5L Presentations and do the first 2 pages. You can print them and/or save them in your floppy disk. You will soon have to prepare a presentation in class, so it will be useful to read the information given in this module.
  4. Now spend some time writing your Opinion text and last week's forum summary in your blog.
  5. Today we will look at the Introduction activities in Approaches to Learning, where you will find some interesting exercises on computers.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

1. Go to last week's forum, My son is 26 and still at home!, and write two columns in your notebook: one with all the supporting arguments, the other one with all the opposing arguments. Then write a summary of what the class thought.
2.Write an opinion text in your blog about the same topic. Remember the structure:
Introduction: state your opinion and give some detail
Argument 1 and supporting evidence or reasons.
Argument 2 and supporting evidence or reasons.
Argument 3 and supporting evidence or reasons.
Conclusion: repeat your opinion and summarise your arguments (with different words).

Remember to use the language of opinion texts:

I think that...I don't believe that.... I agree that...

You can learn more expresions of opinion giving if you do these exercises before writing anything: Linguarama: The Language of meetings

Use attitude words to indirectly show what you think: excellent, lazy, inmature, independent, caring, responsible, etc.

Use noun groups: adult children, concerned parents, uncaring mother, independent young adult, etc.
Use signals to introduce the different parts of the text: I strongly believe/Firstly/Next/Also/To sum up/.....

3. We have been searching the lives of famous people (biographies) and we have also written about someone famous from our country of origin. To help you understand the language used in most biographies, go to Lenore Dembski and print the page. Highlight, underline or circle circle the verbs. Different paragraphs use different verbs, why? What are they talking about? Write your answers and then talk to the class about it.

4. Go to this fantastic website Headway and add it to favourites. Do the same at home. You can do lots of practice: grammar, listening, vocabulary, games, etc. I think you should try the intermediate level, grammar unit 8 (conditionals!)

5. You can practise more conditionals in Time4English-Grammar book, would with if

6. Listen to the story in Upper-Intermediate 4N What would you do if you were taken hostage?

6. Now go to our Certificate II Module, Approaches to Learning and start working on it. Print the Assessment guide if you didn't do it last week.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Last weekend was beautifully sunny; perfect for a day out at sea...It looks as if we may be going back to winter this weekend, though. It's been snowing in the Blue Mountains, parts of Victoria (even in coastal towns where it hadn't snowed for 50 years at least!) and many areas of NSW.

  1. Go to the forum and take part in this week's discussion: My son is 26 and still at home!
  2. We shouldn't complain, though. Read THIS WEEK'S STORY in Time4English. It relates to natural phenomena (discussed previously) and to your classmate Nenti's work with the Tsunami Appeal.
  3. Go to Lower Intermediate: 7 It just happened! and do all the exercises (7A-7E)
  4. Write any work that you couldn't finish last week on your blog.
  5. Go to our Online Module: CESOL II-Approaches to Learning. Today we are going to practise chatting online with all the members of our group.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

  1. Go to Time4English and listen to This Week's Oddd Spot.
  2. Listen to This Week's Story: Spain Faces Envirnmental Crisis
  3. When you finish listening/doing the exercises, write a summary in your blog. Do a bit of research on the Internet (maybe from an online newspaper) You have to use the 4 words (dictionary meanings) given on the left.
  4. What happened on August 6, 1945?
  5. Go to MORE: Stories. Then Intermediate Stories and listen to Chiropratic
  6. Go to the forum and give your opinion on the environment and its future.
  7. Write about a famous person of your choice. Remember to base your writing on the factfiling data you've researched. Do not copy and paste.
  8. Do activities 7-9 from last week's work if you haven't done them yet.

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