Thursday, December 01, 2005

Last class for 2005

Today is our last class. We can do many things, but first have a look at Yuki's Podcast in his blog, Torpedo.

Visit our Sydney's People Podcast, listen to the Birthday Podcard and answer the questions. There's a more challenging text about intercultural exchanges below the podcast, read it and tell us what you think in the forum.
If you want to learn how to post voice too, read the instructions on how to record your voice, posted in Sydney's People Podcast.

Please read the post about the New Zealand blogs.
Karen, the teacher, has emailed saying they are interested in doing something together next year. So it looks as if we may be doing work with Italy and New Zealand. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to visit them in person? I'm afraid virtual tourism is more probable!

You can listen to the news in Time4English an then chose anything you feel like doing from their extensive range of activities.

Some new students haven't had time to go into our online module Approaches to Learning. Today would be a good time to do itl, so that you can work at home during the holidays... if you haven't got more interesting things to do!

Anyway, enjoy your long break and keep an eye on this blog. I'll try to find interesting things for you to do. I would love if you did the same and keep me and each other entertained with your blogs and podcasts.

See you next year!

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