Sunday, May 01, 2005

Jie is going to be famous!

You have to visit this new website for ESL/EFL teachers and students. Three very good teachers of English from different countries (Brasil, Japan,...) have set up this website, Dekita, where you can look at what other students of English are doing in different parts of the world .

They have put a bit of text from Jie's blog and a link to it. Well done Jie!

When you visit Dekita, go to ESML Bloggers and visit the main site, ECML Blog Brainstorm . There are some links on the right hand sidebar to English blogs. Click on them and it will take you to some blogs from Malta and Poland written by students of English like you. There are very interesting and well written.


At 7:45 AM, Blogger Bee said...

Hello Rosa,

Say a big hi to your class from Bee in Brazil and thanks for directing them there.
I will soon be posting a link to a student of mine ;-)
Warm regards from Brazil,

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Rudolf said...

Hi Rosa,

Congratulations on this project -- really nice.

One thing I noticed though when I visited Jie's site -- she only permits people with Blogger accounts to post comments. That, surely, reduces the number of readers who might reply to an entry; people like to link their signatures back to their own sites.

So, in the interest of more interaction, wouldn't you advise the students to open their Blogger sites to commenters outside the Blogger camp, or do you have any specific reason not to?


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