Thursday, April 07, 2005

Beach versus Mountains


Thanks to everyone who participated in our forum this week.

I was surprised at the fact that the majority of you said you'd rather go to the mountains for a holiday. This is what Jie wrote:

I'd prefer to go to mountains on my holiday, because I think now it's nearly winter, the weather's is cold. If I'm going to go to the beach, the water is too cold, so I won't go swimming. So I'm going to go to the mountains. In there, I can climb the mountain, have a BBQ, etc. The view at the end of autumn is spectacular! In Beijing, China, the best season is autumn. I found that in Australia it is too. Jie

These are the good points you highlighted for the beach and mountains:
Good when the weather is too hot.
At night very much when there is a full moon.
I like the ocean. If the day is hot we stay in a park under the trees. We read books, study English or listen to the relaxing ocean sound. If the day is cool, we walk along the ocean and enjoy its different colours, the fresh air and the strength of the ocean.
We can swim, go fishing.
I can go shopping at Manly's plaza.

You can hear birds singing, look at flowers and different plants.
You can find medicinal plants.
The fresh air is very good for us.
You can go buswalking.
The grass is very green.
You can have a picnic or a BBQ.
You can climb. Climbing is hard,but when I reach the top of the mountain,I feel very excited
There are beautiful views, bush, stone walls, rivers and forests.
Nature shakes my heart, the fragrance of the flowers makes me relaxed and happy, I could forget all the worries.
You can feel relaxed and carefree.


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