Thursday, April 07, 2005

This weeks' Work


  1. This week is our last week of class before the holiday break. You will have 2 weeks of holiday. Why don't you try to explore our beautiful city? Go to our blog post Sydney Excursions and do the webquest exercise of the same name Sydney excursions. You can plan 1 or 2 excursions for your family. If you haven't done it before, do the webquest on Sydney.
  2. Go to Time4English, Intermediate 6A to listen to Grammar Lady. In your blog write a post explaining the difference between too and very and give examples.
  3. Go to Intermediate 2K and read about Natural Phenomena in Australia. Do the writing task in your blog.
  4. Forum topic for this week: What type of holiday do you prefer, going to the beach or going to the mountains? Tell us why.
  5. Go to Booking a Holiday house. Do this during the holidays.
  • We have a message from a previous student. Go to Student Recipes and read the message in comments. Does anyone know who this person is? She/he forgot to sing!
  • Last week's topic summary: Thanks everybody! It is very interesting to read about all the different traditions surrounidn birth in your different countries. Most of you believe not all advice given by old people is true. This is what Silvia wrote:

I don't have babies but I don't believe in superstitions. In my country somethings old people tell us are very good advice for example what Rosa says about keeping babies nice and tight. Other things are silly. They are not true, for example: Don't take cold showers while you are breasfeeding; if you want to eat something and you don't eat it, you can't touch your body because the baby will be born with the mark of what you didn't eat in the body, if your baby has a hiccups you have to put something red on his/her forhead, if your baby doesn't sleep well you have to put his/her dressing gown inside-out.



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