Tuesday, April 26, 2005

How was your break?

Did you all have a good holiday? I know Rita was planning to go to the South Coast. Read Rita and Ismat's blogs for information on good holiday houses.

My break was good. We managed to go away for three days. We went to Orange and stayed in a very nice B & B called
Arancia. When you look and book a place for your holidays it's a good idea to read about it on the net. You can find information that the owners of the place write themselves (like the above link to Arancia) and you can also find reviews that other people, usually travel journalists, write about it. It's always a good idea to check what others think! I found this review from the SMH about Arancia: Arancia Bed & Breakfast.

Read both the owners website and the review and tell me (in your blog ) if there are any differences. Are there any bad comments on the review? Do the owners omit anything from it when they iclude it in their website?

To help you read it, answer these questions:

  1. How long does it take to get there?
  2. What's the meaning of Arancia?
  3. How high is Mount Canobolas?
  4. Are children welcome?
  5. Can you smoke inside?
  6. What are its pluses (good characteristics)
  7. Are there any minuses (bad characteristics)
  8. Notice the language used in the review: what adjectives are used for autumn day, highlands air, cows, reward, hills, hint of Lake Canobolas, dry plains, ....Find more and tell me if they are positive adjectives or not. Do they affect the way the reader is going to see the place reviewed? Do you feel like going there?
  9. Was it a good review?
  10. Write a paragraph using descriptive positive adjectives about a place (real or imagined) you would like to stay in.


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