Saturday, May 07, 2005

REPORTS: Information Texts

We've been looking at report writing in class.

The most importan things to remember are:



    name & group


    One paragraph for each different part: physical description;location & habitat;feeding habits; etc


    Simple present & relational verbs (be, have, includes, consists of,...)

    Wombats are....They live... eat....

    Generic nouns

    Wombats... Adult wombats.... Their babies... The wombat...

    Noun groups (article+adjectives+noun)

    Wombats have thick soft fur.

    Circumstances of place (where), time (when)

    Most of the day they sleep in a burrow. In the evening or at night they go looking for food.

    Circumstances of manner (how)

    A female wombat's pouch opens backwards so that when mum is digging she doesn't cover her baby with sand.

    Go to Time4English Lower Intermediate and read the Wombat story (you can listen to it, too). Is this text a report? Not really, because the wombat is talking to us (I, my pouch, my baby...) What changes do you have to make to the language, so that it is an information report?
    Write a report about wombats based on that story.

    You can add more information by searching the net. We also heard something very interesting about the wombats' pouches from David at the Australian Museum. See if you remember, if not ask another student or your teachers.

    David showed us some Australian native animals. Can you remember their names?
    Do they belong to the same species? What's their main characteristic?

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    At 4:56 AM, Blogger ismat said...

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    At 4:59 AM, Blogger ismat said...

    What do I have to write? May be I forget.

    At 5:52 PM, Blogger Rosa said...

    Ismat and everyone, you have to write a report about wombats (a report like the one on boomerangs that Marion gave you. YOu can use the information from Time4English, but teh structure and the language are not good for a report. So you have to change it.


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