Thursday, May 05, 2005

Put your headphones on!

Today's Work

This week you are going to use your ears for English ... I know, I know, you use them every day (shopping, TV, your teachers, classmates, etc). Seriously now, I got a few headphones (the rest are coming...) so that those of you without a pc at home can practice a bit of listening.

  1. Go to Time4English and do the listening 5M Wombats (Lower Intermediate), 7B News -Present Perfect(Lower Intermediate) & 6H Music. When you finish, listen to Recent News about Zimbabwe & This Week's Odd Spot (Home Page).
  2. Go to this fantastic site I found in Jeffrey Hill's The English Blog: Learn a Song Podcast
  3. Explore other listening podcasts: ESL Listening Podcasts (I'll leave a permanent link on the right sidebar)

This Sunday is Mother Day. Do you celebrate it in your country of origin? Do you have Father's Day or any other Days? What do you think about these celebrations? Do you follow them? Do you get/buy presents? How do you celebrate them? Or maybe you think they are a waste of time and money? Go the our forum and tell us what you think.

4. Now a bit of grammar. More practice with the present perfect and the past simple in In English (Oxford University Press).

5. Do Mobile Madness in Activities (same Oxford site as above). You will learn what all teenagers know: mobile jargon ( a specific language used by a certain group of speakers)

6. Congratulations to Jie! Stephan has chosen her blog to show it to his students as a good model to learn & practise English! Have a look in her blog.

7. Also remember to look at the student blogs in ECML Bloggers, read a few and start writing to them. People love it when someone appreciates their work and it's a good incentive for them to continue writing and for you to practice more. You can put a link to your blog in your commetns and ask them to visit it. Remind me to show you how to insert (put) links.

8. New Competition: Spot the Difference! See who is the first student to find all the differences.

9. Congratulations to Lily! She has passed the Knowledge Driving Test! Ask her about it.

10. Thank you to every one for a perfect day yesterday. It was very enjoyable and we learnt a lot. Have a look at the photos in Excursion to the Australian Museum and the previous posts. There is help for your homework!

11. Regards from the teachers running Dakita. Read their comments.


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