Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Excursion to the Australian Museum

Marion, Rita Jie, Jian & Saideh

Today we had a very interesting visit to the Australian Museum. Have a look a the photos below and answer the questions in your blogs or in comments. Marion and I commented on how great you all were. You were working very hard the whole time and nobody complained or left before the work was completed. All of this inspite of having power-walked all the way from Parliament House!

Our focus was the Indigenous Australians section. Visit the museum website, Dream Online, to learn more about them or to help you with your homework. You can find information for your group work on Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, Spirituality, Family, Land and Social Justice.

If you need help with the vocabulary (too many new words, we know) they have a fantastic Glossary. Check the time lines and the flags too.

It was very difficult to understand all the videos, but you did a great job!


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